In the late 17th century, when Francis Makemie initiated New Castle Presbytery, he was doing something before the other Presbyterian starters of his day. For Presbyterians in our neck of the woods (Wilmington, Delaware), it is common knowledge that ours was the first presbytery of the “new” world. With this spirit of entrepreneurialism and “firstness” in our historical bloodlines, we have a unique responsibility to continually explore the shape and scope of emerging ministries as the world becomes new and new again. 

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Most of our churches desire to engage, befriend, and serve young adults, youth, the socio-economically disadvantaged, other racial-ethnic groups, but, regrettably, we are a tad out of practice.  As a result, many well-meaning congregations feel under-equipped...and disempowered.

We believe that this is where the imagination and enthusiasm of the recently seminary trained can be of particular inspiration.

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Today's newest church-thinkers are asking questions like, “What would it be like to start a house church?” and “Can we be disciples if we call a coffee shop, pub, or storefront our home-base?” Lets let them take three years to try. 

We had our first startup in summer 2013 and you can read about our latest startup, Riverfront Church with Edwin Estevez, HERE.   We continue to look for leaders with seminary training, willing to employ cultural insight and tech savvy, to bring a fresh take on what it means to proclaim the gospel and be church in the Mid-Atlantic.

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